Day: 31 January 2020

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Changing My Life: Being a Writer & Travel Vlogger

I’ve just reached the age of 65 and my life as a music promoter and agent is about to end.

I’m changing my life and nothing is going to be the same again. I plan to leave the music industry to write more and travel as much as I can. Join me as I make a journey into the unknown…

Just to recap on my life (it’s all and more in the video): I used to promote shows at many London venues and beyond, including the 100 Club, The Cricketers at Kennington Oval and Chelmsford Chancellor Hall.

I was a music journalist at Time Out magazine (Time Out London) and I went on to write about music, beer, pubs and Indian food for a variety of publications. Now that I’ve reached the age of 65, I’m managing to avoid “retirement crisis” and I’ve decided to make retirement videos about me, my life, my plans and myt stuttering/stutter/stammer.

I’ve lived in Ramsgate since 2014 and promoted several shows at Margate Winter Gardens. My next video will be about my last show there.